Our perfectly proportioned and stylish leather cardholders offer a sleek alternative to the classic wallet. With one side of the cardholder RFID protected, you can be safe in the knowledge that your card and personal information is secure from contactless payment and identity fraud.    


£24.99 Regular Price
£13.49Sale Price
  • RFID Protected – We have divided our cardholder into two. The spaces at the front, lined with matching colour fabric to the cardholder, are protected with RFID blocking material to prevent skimming.


    Non-RFID Protected - The spaces at the back with the orange lining are not protected with RFID blocking material. This is so you can continue to use office and travel cards with ease.


    Please note that we are proud to use high quality and strong leather. As a result the chips in travel and office cards aren’t always strong enough to be read through this.


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