Product User Guidelines

​We would like to share some frequently asked questions/tips and user guidelines for your BURG product.


How does the RFID Protection work?

The BURG Wallets are RFID protected from the inside and the outside. 


The BURG cardholders are RFID protected at the front but not at the back, for the best ease of use. How does this work?

  • The card slots with an interior lining in the same colour as the cardholder are protected with RFID blocking material to protect bankcards against skimming.

  • The card slots with the orange lining are not protected with RFID blocking material for ease of use with office or travel cards. Please see the images for further explanation.

Are the BURG Wallet and BURG Card Holder real leather?

Yes, BURG wallets and Card Holders are made of genuine Napa leather. A strong and firm leather with a smooth surface structure ensuring the highest quality, comfortable use, and full card protection.

How to best take care of the BURG product?

There are some easy practices to keep your BURG product in excellent condition.

  • Regularly clean the wallet or card holder with a cotton towel.

  • If the product is wet or soiled, wipe it with a damp soft towel and let the it dry slowly and naturally (without heating or speed drying the leather).

  • Leather naturally stretches without returning to its initial size, which happens if the wallet or card holder is overfilled. Carry the right amount in the wallet or card holder and the leather takes care of itself.

How long will BURG product last?

BURG stands for excellent service and quality products. We are using the best materials for our RFID protecting leather wallets. It is important to us that our customers enjoy our products; therefore we are providing a one-year guarantee on BURG products.

If you have ever any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website or via email on support@burgwallets.com

We hope you will love using your BURG product!

The BURG Team

Last updated: January 2017

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